Needs Assessment


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A Needs Assessment was completed during the October 2006 visit to look at the self-perceived learning needs, general rehabilitation knowledge and the learning style of health care providers in Nepal. It was completed by nurses, therapists and physicians at Tansen Mission Hospital (n= 60). While the expressed learning needs varied greatly amoung clinicians, three themes emerged from the analysis of the results. The first is that the primary members of the healthcare team are perceived to be nurses and physicians. “There is not much of an ‘interdisciplinary’ team in UMHT, [United Mission Hospital of Tansen or Tansen Mission Hospital]. It is very much medical.” The second is the need for further education on rehabilitation and inter-professional practice as the basis to providing comprehensive and effective rehabilitation services. The third is the practical application of an inter-professional model help facilitate the transition from a medical model to a more rehabilitation-based approach to patient care.


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